Sunday, September 11, 2011

Three Months

This weekend Piper turns three months old. Part of me can't believe that this much time is already behind us. The other part of me is reminding myself that she is still so new -- to us and to the world. There is so much of herself that she has yet to discover and we're still getting to know each other.

This picture (above) has already become a favorite of mine. It captures her goofiness perfectly. She is, for sure, half of me. 

This past month Piper's personality has really started to show itself. She is such a funny little lady. Lately, like two days ago, we noticed she has started to laugh. Real "ha ha ha" laughs. Earlier on, her laughs were more of a "haaaaaa! haaaaa!" burst of air. These laughs now are quick little gusts of "ha ha ha". Really cute. Really funny. Last night, she was wide awake and laughing when "bedtime" rolled around. As I read her (four!) stories, she was there beside me laughing away with no interest in closing her eyes. Eventually she fell asleep. 

As ridiculous as this sounds, I actually miss her when she's asleep. First thing in the morning has become my absolute favorite time of the day. Somehow, Piper and I usually wake up at the same time. I open my eyes, look over at her and she pops open her eyes. Then she smiles the biggest, gummiest smile and my heart explodes. I hope that every day for the rest of her babyhood starts that way.

Morning time also means "cuckoo" baby hour. This usually involves lots of squawking, "laughing" (those "ha ha" gusts), and wiggling around by Piper. There's a small red mark on the ceiling of our bedroom (left here by the previous tenant) that P laughs and stares at every morning. Kind of weird. 

Piper loves her daddy. When he holds her and she coo's, talks and laughs with and at him, I can only imagine what the future will be like for the three of us. I can tell he's going to be the "softie" and she'll never do wrong in his eyes. I'll end up being the disciplinarian jerk. Yeah, right. I actually fear ever having to instill any sort of discipline. When I see a little kid pull some crappy little kid move that makes parents cringe, I can't keep a straight face. And also, as bad of a person this will make me out to be, I laugh when toddlers/children take a tumble (pure evil, I am). I know this will all be different when it's my child wiping snots on the TV screen, or writing on the walls with markers, or eating shit down a flight of stairs...I'm in for a big reality check. 

Three months has changed so much. So much of my life changed the minute Piper was born and so much in me has changed since then. I'm realizing how selfish I was before she came into my life. She's helped me slow down and notice things, even especially the little things. 

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  1. Love her sweater in that first picture! Must be honest, you'll probably laugh at Piper when she falls. My mom laughed at us and I have a tendency to laugh first then find out if they're okay. It's just so funny! ;0)


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