Monday, July 25, 2011

Six Weeks Gone By

Six weeks. 42 days. Where did that time disappear to? It's so hard to believe this time has passed and that she is actually here. I think back to those first moments with her. How precious it felt to be a family of three for the very first time.

She is still so new yet I feel like she's been with me all my life, and maybe she has.

As time goes forward, I notice so much change.

She's starting to smile...real actual smiles. The kind that make me want to cry and often times do! When she smiles, her entire tiny body seems to be filled with happiness.

She no longer bends her knees up like a tiny frog when she's on her back. This is just one newborn trait that I say goodbye to.

She's stronger, longer, chubbier, heavier...her eyes are wider and bluer, her hands and feet plumper, and her head is shedding more and more of her newborn fuzz.

I still cannot believe she's here. My mind is blown daily just thinking about the months and weeks she grew inside of me...that she came from me...that she is half of me, half of him.

I see her becoming more and more of herself.

And even though it is still quite small, she figures out a little bit about her world with each new day.

I know the days will continue to disappear. I know eventually we'll lose count and we'll no longer be counting the weeks; we'll be counting the years that have passed since she joined us. Unfortunately, I can't stop time from slipping away. She will only be small for so long.

...And because time continues to tick, I'll continue to soak up every second, every minute, every hour I spend with her while she is still my little bug.

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